Recommended Reading

Note: I have not read everything on this list. It is as much for my benefit as for yours

Dr. Harold Herzog on the inherent ethical contradictions in our relationships with animals

News on animal issues

Documentary Ghosts in the Machine on animals in factory farms, laboratories, and zoos (available on Netflix) WARNING: some graphic images

Blog on Critical Animal Studies

Lectures at Personhood Beyond the Human conference in 2013


Wikipedia on animal rights theory

Peter Singer’s book Animal Liberation

Peter Singer’s utilitarianism

Tom Regan’s book The Case for Animal Rights

Tom Regan’s animal rights position

Singer vs Regan

Interview with Gary Francione on animal abolitionism

Animals in the Food Industry:

Kid doesn’t want to eat animals (video)

Dr. Melanie Joy on carnism, short version (video)

Documentary Food, Inc (available on Netflix) WARNING: very graphic

Facts on factory farming

Michael Pollan’s article “An Animal’s Place”

South Park episode “Fun with Veal”

Argument from both sides on health of vegan diets

Animals in Scientific Research:

Wikipedia on animal testing

Wikipedia on IACUCs

BBC ethics guide on both sides of animal testing

Alternatives to animal models

Leaping Bunny shopping guide for cruelty-free products

Animals in Entertainment:

‘No Animals Were Harmed’ disclaimer on movies

The purpose and value of zoos

Documentary Blackfish on orcas in SeaWorld (available on Netflix) WARNING: some graphic footage

Animals as Pets:

PBS documentary Parrot Confidential (available on Netflix)

Documentary The Paw Project on declawing (available on Netflix)


Success for Channel Islands foxes, response from ex-chief

Documentary Virunga on attempts to save a national park in the Congo, home of the last of the mountain gorillas (available on Netflix)

Animal Intelligence:

Wikipedia on animal intelligence topics

Alex the parrot (video)

Julian Jaynes’ book The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind (this book is actually about human consciousness, but his theory can be extended to somewhat intuitive ideas about animals, also JJ started his career studying animal cognition)

Teaching human language to apes

Animals and Race:

Marjorie Spiegel’s book The Dreaded Comparison


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